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confidential concierge care
Got something going on, but need to keep it under wraps? Say no more. We’re the Fight Club for fixing mega-star athletes. We got you. CONFIDENTIAL CONCIERGE CARE

A team of the most stellar medical providers in the world have your back when it comes to your health and most importantly, your privacy. 

We operate fully on a cash-only basis, providers remain confidential to the public and providers are only disclosed to an athlete once accepted as a client, pay for confidential access and have been matched with a provider.

Nothing gets run through insurance. No one talks about it. You’re in the best possible care you could get. You come to us or we come to you.

And the best part? It never happened. Got it? Good. Keep it that way.

how it works 
strict process
first step

fill out a brief, confidential form, upload a photo holding your license (we don’t mess around with bullshit) and only work with serious athletes to ensure our focus is on getting you healthy (or healthier) ASAP

PAY upfront consult fee

access to this elite + confidential concierge care is $10k USD to start the process. Once your photo ID and short questionnaire are reviewed directly by (and only by) Tracy Hayes, you’ll be sent a menu of the procedures + services we handle along with ball-park cost estimates for treatment, payment instructions to start the process + next steps. 

accepted as a client

Once accepted as a client, you’ll receive Tracy’s private cell phone number, a text message, and a quick intro call to chat about what’s to come and to briefly hear how urgent (or not) your timeline is. We’re on the ball. Are you? 

zoom consult

Within 48 hours (if not much sooner), you’ll have a 45-minute Zoom with Tracy and when appropriate, with at least one of the providers who best fit your needs. Next steps will be discussed on this zoom to ensure you’re taken care of every step of the way.

our services
the best of
physical therapists

all DPTs have worked extensively + directly with pro sports teams with diverse backgrounds from ART, Dry Needling, DNS, PRI, + stuff you probably haven't heard of, but works.

orthopedic surgeons

whatever procedure you need, our surgeons are the best in the world at performing them. small out-patient to full-blown repairs. elbows, hips, shoulders, knees, ankles. everything.

imaging + scans

MRIs, X-Rays, CT-Scans, whatever you need, we can make it happen off-the-record. 

we have private access to almost everything.

holistic + energy

we're even into the weird shit. we have the best energy healers, intuitives, shamans, plus private chefs + nutritionists. holistic to us means everything mind - body - soul.

biomechanics + movement

integrate effective modalities from top trainers to support growth + flow: yoga, Pilates, mobility, ELDOA, FRC, PRI, DNS, + more

specialized coaches

highly sought trainers + coaches in all pro sports are here to work alongside other providers to amplify your shit. From strength to skills, we got 'em.

combined expertise
yrs experience
pro teams
a note from


As a woman who lived the life of a baseball wife for almost a decade and now on the other side helping athletes from a “coaching” perspective, I’ve seen the ins and outs of professional sports.

I am an incredibly private person in my personal life and I value trustworthy relationships and honest people more than anything. 

I created this “top secret” care concierge with a network of truly the best medical providers around, who also just so happen to be stellar frikkin’ human beings, too.

I understand the impact of “perceived” good health, especially when you’re dealing with contract negotiations, media chatter, and all the stress that comes along with doing your best to get healthy, stay healthy and perform at your very best.

I am highly intuitive, both professionally and personally and I know who to trust and who you can’t. I promise to do my very best to support you in whatever care you need and you can count on me for maintaining pinky-swear level privacy. That says a lot. 🙂

I look forward to working with you.


Can’t tell ya. But I can tell you they are world-class surgeons who are either current team surgeons to pro sports teams or have been very recently. 

You’d likely choose one of these doctors on your own, but here we do everything out of insurance, off the record, your team doesn’t know, your agent doesn’t have to do the top-secret calling for you, and your agent doesn’t even need to know.

If this was a test, I’m a freaking vault. You will never, ever hear clients who work with me and my team on this side. 

Any client you see on my website or social media has already given permission to use their photos, testimonials, videos, etc and are NOT part of this program. 

Ask around. I have a very well-respected reputation in pro sports… I also lay low for a reason. 

I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and a lot of that has to do with relationship building. I value the years of work I’ve put in to get here… I plan to keep it that way.

Pretty much everything. If my providers don’t do it (which I’d be surprised), I can guarantee my trusted network will connect you to the right people.

I have your best interest at the forefront of my decisions, if I can’t align you to the right provider, I won’t accept you as a client and will let you know asap.

Once you fill out the form to verify who you are, you will be sent a menu of our services with ball-park rates (they will vary depending on a multitude of factors).