THIS WEEKEND ONLY! Only $75 per player!

Why registering now MAKES YOU A BETTER COACH:

  1. You’ll see massive gains as a team
  2. It’s wicked cheap
  3. Push your start date back to Spring or Summer
  4. Reduce injuries
  5. Solidify team dynamics
  6. Increased synergy in training, everyone’s on the same page


    1. This is 8 weeks for coaches with teams who are dedicated to being the absolute best movers + performers in the game.


What you get:

      • Individual logins for each player
      • Ability to see who’s logging in and who is slacking
      • The series is comprised of 3 pre-recorded video classes/week
      • Videos can be watched from any device, laptop, or smart TV.
      • Classes are ~45-60 mins (can be sped up by adjusting play speed)

Each login includes:

      • Three 60-min sessions/wk: on demand
      • 36 Video Classes


      • Special pricing for the incredibly beneficial Biomechanics Assessment

Track me down BEFORE 2p to get signed up ASAP