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increased mobility
less injury
better performance


 When your shit’s outta whack, you get energy leaks. 

Energy leaks interrupt flow.


Here's how to find it

These intuitive programs will improve your movement quality, mobility + overall performance on and off the field.

Start with the 12-week Mobility Series, all videos are on-demand and ready to access starting today. Learn a few basics with the Clinic, pick up some ready-made warmup routines, check out what’s going on for Youth, Tracy’s upcoming book, + more.


A 12-week video series to improve complex dynamic movement patterns with focus on improving active ROM, developing “true” core strength, improving energy transfer throughout the kinetic chain.

Upcoming Book

Stay tuned for Tracy’s book, “Shit About Movement You Should Know”. 

In language that makes sense, you’ll hear the best kept secrets from Tracy + other experts.

youth warmup

Ditch that old-school static stretching crap we did when we were growing up.

Guess what? It’s outdated + no bueno anymore because we now know more. We know better.

20-min routines

Ready-to-use 15 to 20 minute routines intuitively designed by Tracy. Get in on the Routine of the Month Club!

Each routine comes with a video + PDF with pics.


Learn the fundamentals of intentional mobility to bring your game to the next level.

2.5 hour movement-heavy clinic for players + coaches. Free routine + PDF to boot!

certification course

This summer, join Tracy for a 12-week course.

By the end of the course, you’ll have created your own 3 to 6-wk Mobility Progression. 

find your flow


Now you're hooked + ready to get to the root of movement limitations, click GET ACCESS to get the ball rolling


A confirmation email with instructions arrives within minutes. It's ready for you to start your 1st class today!

feel your flow

You'll notice how different it feels moving intentionally + how quickly you realize you've needed this
Chris Romano
Detroit Tigers
S+C Coach

Tracy is the go-to for professional athletes needing mobility work to enhance their performance. She’s the only outside source I am comfortable sending players to, and I highly recommend her.

Kody Funderburk
MLB, Minnesota Twins

I have nothing but great things to say. I am moving in and out of positions like better, my velo has gone up. My strength in the weight room has gone up. The classes kick your ass and you get what you put into it. If you dive in, you will see the benefits.

Zach Thompson
MLB, Toronto Blue Jays

This program was a major reason I made my MLB debut. I was finally able to consistently move my body into the necessary positions to be healthy and throw harder. My recovery was shorter and my body flowed throughout the entire season.

Tanner Banks
MLB, Chicago White Sox

I am more stable + more mobile than I’ve ever been and honestly, I didn’t know I could be more. If you’re looking for something to help you take the next step, I would highly recommend you jump in with both feet. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Joe Jacques
MLB, Boston Red Sox

When I took Tracy’s Mobility Series last off-season, I saw some of the biggest jumps in the weight room and in my on-field performance than I ever have. I feel like this type of training is often overlooked by a lot of athletes and I personally think Tracy’s Mobility Series is the missing key of translating all your work from the off-season onto the field. Tracy is an amazing person + a really good teacher.

garrett hill detroit tigers mobility mobilitychick. mlb pitcher
Garrett Hill
MLB, Detroit Tigers

What was cool about this 12-week Offseason Series was it’s not just stretching and some chill yoga. It’s a whole bunch of stuff put into one thing. So you get a core workout, you get stability, and balance, you get all sorts of crazy stuff, PAILs + RAILs. Just create that space and then get strong in that new range of motion that you have. It’s definitely something I’ll be doing every off-season.

Bryan King
Tampa Bay Rays
MLB S+C Rehab Specialist

Tracy has a vast knowledge from various philosophies along with a great understanding of biomechanical principles. She takes complicated movement strategies and does a great job of presenting in them in a very practical way everyone can benefit from.

D2 College Coach
(anonymous due to NIL rules)

Our pitchers who did the program for 8 weeks prior to the position players, the pitchers out-lifted the position players by an average of 80 poundsThe 5 strongest players in our program are pitchers not position players and I believe your program is a major factor in such huge improvements.

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