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Movement, Mobility + Mindfulness
Tracy Hayes
Tracy Tanguay is a mobility expert also known as “MobilityChick” and has worked with players and coaches from 27 of the 30 MLB organizations, from A-ball to All-Star as well as high school and college teams.
Tracy regularly consults with big league coaches for her expertise in training quality movement patterns, the space and transitions between positions, and mobility specifically as it relates to athletic performance and staying healthy.

Tracy’s Offseason Mobility program helped to keep every single Angelo State University player injury-free all season long contributing to their clinching the D2 National Championship this year. That same program has resulted in lower ERAs, increased velo, reduced injury, doubled Home Run rates, over a dozen big league call ups and benefits multi-sport athletes, too.

Tracy has been featured on MLB.com for her movement and mobility work with the Orioles and she’s got a book coming out in 2024 called “Shit About Movement You Should Know”.

Tracy has a degree in neuroscience + cognitive science from Northwestern University, previously had a corporate career in research at McKinsey & Company and now has over 1,000 hours in Yoga training, is a published Master Pilates Instructor, has a boatload of education, certifications and experience.

All this while raising 4 young kiddos, a dog and a bearded dragon that regularly goes missing in her house.
Trevor Corrado
Biomechanics Specialist: Assessments

Trevor Corrado is a strength coach based out of Portland, Oregon. Trevor uses a variety of methodologies to help clients move better, get stronger, and feel more confident in their body’s ability to perform.

He previously competed in powerlifting for 4 years and still works with competitors for in/off-season mobility. Trevor has over 5 years of coaching experience, currently co-teaches Conor Harris’ Biomechanics Course, and is very well-versed in Postural Restoration methodology and techniques.

Trevor is an absolute GOAT at observing what imbalances and compensation layers going on in the body and leads all of the biomechanics assessments

Dr. Chelsea Barnes DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy: Acute Injuries + Rehab

Chelsea is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in the state of Connecticut. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Connecticut and continued her education at Rutgers University, where she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Chelsea has spent the last 10 years gaining experience in her field through schooling and clinical expertise. She specializes in outpatient orthopedics with a primary focus on post-surgical rehabilitation, return-to-sport training, and injury prevention.

In her free time, Chelsea loves to travel, exercise, watch baseball, and spend time with her family, friends, & dogs!

a little BACKSTORY

Of the pro-clients who have taken her mobility series, players spent 15x fewer days on the Injured List (4 days compared to a league average of 50 days), 87% of her clients spent 0 days on the IL, pitchers lowered their ERA by 0.63, hitters almost doubled their HR rate (80% increase), 80% of pitchers saw an increase in velocity of 2-5 mph, 100% of hitters increased their HR Rate period, 69% of pitchers increased their K/9 rate, overall pitchers saw an 8% increase in K/9, 40% of players in AAA got called up, 25% of players who started above Rookie Ball made the Big Leagues, 93% of players were promoted at least 1 level, and players were promoted on average 1.9 levels!


Tracy’s approach to movement combines methodologies to improve kinematic sequencing thru neuromuscular training improving complex dynamic movement patterns through systematic neural mapping with attention to developing “true” core strength, improving active ROM, and remedying inefficiencies and imbalances within the body. There’s also a bit of vision training snuck in there. That’s all fancy talk for creating better motor patterns and training the body to move much more smoothly all while mitigating the risk of injury.


Tracy’s vast background includes Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Linguistics during her studies at Northwestern University, a professional career in Research at McKinsey & Company in addition to advanced studies in biomechanics for athletes. Her methods incorporate fundamentals from PRI, FRC, ELDOA, Physical Therapy-based functional yoga (LYT), in addition to Classical Pilates, and over 1,000 hours of specialized yoga training. Tracy is a Master Pilates instructor and published author, an NLP Practitioner, trained in EFT (Tapping), and is a regular with Vipassana meditation.

Baseball Insider

Tracy has a unique perspective as a former “baseball wife”, is a mama to 4 young children, two of whom currently play Little League, and she has made it her mission to create a healthy, fun, and effective youth sports experience for all of her children and the millions of other kids who love to get outside and play the game of baseball.


Tracy loves surfing, traveling, anything and everything on or by the ocean or outdoors. Tracy has traveled around the world (solo in her 20s), has completed 3 silent meditation retreats (Tracy, silent? Shocking we know!), made it to the 3rd round of interviews for the show Survivor, survived a drug smuggling bus trip in Bolivia, was rescued off a deserted island off the coast of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, and well, can keep you entertained with many more travel stories.


Tracy is incredibly conscious of healthy food, clean products, and overall holistic-minded living. Tracy encourages authenticity, stepping out of your comfort zone, living your most truest truth, and manifesting the most authentic version of yourself.

Mama on a Mission

Tracy’s most important job is as an active mama to 4 young kiddos. Yes, 4. And yes, they’re all hers. No, she doesn’t get asked that often. 🙂 Tracy coaches youth rec soccer and cheers on from the stands at Little League games. Tracy’s passion for improving youth sports has only just begun, much more in the works in terms of spearheading improvements within the youth baseball community.