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mobility routines

expertly crafted. perfectly timed.

instant download.

Take the guesswork out of integrating mobility into your program with these mini-workouts! Each routine has a specific focus and goal in mind, whether its a pre-game warmup, post game recovery, hip + thoracic mobility. You can pick and choose exercises from each routine to add here and there or even combine several routines to create a custom full-length class!


Every mobility routine includes:

1- 15 to 20-minute video (instant download)
1- PDF of the corresponding exercises with photos + descriptions (instant download)

Within 15 minutes of purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to login to my website to access + download the video and PDF.

Ideally I add new routines every few months. If you have a specific request for a routine you or your team could use, drop me an email and if it’s something that makes sense to share here I’m open to ideas!


If you are a coach, thank you for sharing these routines with your players in person. These are meant to support players and coaches with top-notch mobility routines!

Both the video + PDF are meant for the original purchaser. Feel free to print the PDF to display in your locker room, but please don’t email, forward, or post anywhere online.

If you have a specific team need, please email Tracy at tracy@amplifiedmovement.com

No! These are now open for everyone in and out of sports, I just happened to kick it off in pro baseball.

I’ve got a sister site in the works with the exact same programs as you see here, but with the non-baseball world branding in mind.

Current + Past Clients:

Athletes in these sports: baseball, softball, hockey, golf, basketball, football, lacrosse, MMA fighters (ok, just 1 so far), runners, triathletes/ironman, marathoners, surfers… there’s more, but I can’t remember all of them as I write these.

Non-sports people love it: anyone sitting at a desk, C-level execs, consultants, dads, mamas especially (!), real estate, teacher, school counselor, massage therapist, healthcare (doc/nurse), pilot, government, military, orthodontist (+ more, those are the ones I know).

# of Videos:

The 12-Week Mobility Series is 36 on-demand videos of 60-min mobility classes that stack one after the other in a progression.

Routines are single 20-minute mini classes that focus on a particular thing or body part. ie) pre-game warm up vs ankle mobility.

How Long You Have Access:

The Mobility Series you have 12 weeks to complete the videos from the time you register. You can’t download the videos and class outlines are not provided.

Routines you own forever and get a PDF with instructions and pictures for each exercise in the routine you purchased. A link to download the video is also provided so you can download to your computer, phone or iPad.