Youth Movement Optimization Program

$22.22 / week

This mobility program is 1st focused on a 6-week progression that includes:

Progression of video classes (similar to my full mobility series).

– 2 classes/wk with supplementary specialized videos

At least 6 mini-flows each with a specific focus:

  • Warmup
  • Recovery
  • Hip mobility
  • Thoracic Mobility
  • Core + Shoulder Stabilization
  • Yoga flow
  • Pilates flow

As well as method-focused classes:

  • DNS Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
  • PRI Postural Restoration Institute
  • FRC Functional Range Conditioning
  • ELDOAs

AND specialized classes for a holistic approach:

  • Vision exercises
  • Myofunctional exercises for your tongue/oral posture
  • Tapping for focus/mental clarity

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*** Subscribing to this program will give you access on March 31st. ***

This is a Mobility Series to help improve range of motion through your the body, specifically focused on the hips, shoulders, and trunk.

This program is currently in beta stages, which means it’s in draft mode, not fully completed, with lots of edits, updates, and additions to come.

A select handful of users will gain access to this program (for very cheap) while development is still underway.

In exchange for early access, your feedback may be requested and you will be grandfathered into the pricing for up to 3 months once the full product is officially rolled out.

Thank you for your interest, understanding, and gentleness as this new program rolls out!

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